Comments from coaches how quizzing has helped them as individuals:

“It’s been a great way for me to be involved in the lives of my children and their friends”

“It allows me to do more memory work than I would normally do.”

“It broadens my knowledge of God’s Word.”

“Thinking about God’s Word has a purifying and cleansing effect in my life.”

“I was challenged by the quizzers’ attitudes and the atmosphere at the retreat. I have been personally challenged spiritually, also.”

Comments from coaches about why quizzing is right for your students and school:

“It rewards interest in the Word of God.”

“It promotes good Christian character.”

“Kids should be encouraged to memorize while they are young.”

“Quizzing provides a fun and competitive motivation to memorize.”

“Quizzing provides a competitive team for kids who don’t excel in sports.”

“It gives a way to compete and be involved in socially enriching activities while memorizing at the same time. Also, some of our school patrons who would be hesitant about heavy involvement in social activities like sports would be more likely to support quizzing.”

“Quizzing promotes friendships between schools.”

“Quizzing promotes academic excellence as students use their minds to analyze a passage, think through quizzing strategies, etc.”

Comments from parents about Bible Quizzing:

“I am delighted that my daughter is involved in Bible Quiz because: 1) it encourages her to join the Psalmist (119:1) in hiding (the written portion of) God’s Word in her heart; 2) it enables her to participate in a quasi-athletic form of team competition, with all the benefits thereof; and 3) the King James Bible is used for memorization, enabling her to internalize some of the most beautifully expressed literature in the English language.”

“We have seen the Lords use our son’s involvement in the Bible Quiz Team to work in so many ways! Besides the obvious benefits of hiding God’s Word in his heart, our son has grown spiritually and matured in his level of confidence and ability. The team atmosphere, encouragement, and fellowship has been a tremendous blessing!”

“As a parent of a Bible Quiz student, I have seen my daughter blossom in the Word of God. I have seen her work habits in her other studies improve. I feel it is because of the discipline she has learned from Bible Quiz. It has been such a joy to watch her and the other students jump to their feet for the Word of God.”

“My husband and I were so amazed at how much Scripture our daughter was able to memorize. We were thrilled that she could hide God’s Word in her heart because we know how powerful it is! We are so thankful that much of her spare time is dedicated to memorizing Scripture because of the Bible Quiz.”

“Each school year, from November to March, our two daughters have their noses in the Word of God, non-stop! We have even caught them brushing their teeth with the Bible in one hand a toothbrush in the other! There’s nothing that could thrill a parent’s heart more then to see their children eagerly “eating up” the Word. As we hear the hundreds of verses they memorize, (ten at a time), we even learn something ourselves! Bible Quiz is an important part of all of our lives, and we praise God for the dedicated coaches who make it possible.”

Comments from students about Bible Quiz:

“In Psalm 119:11 it says, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” In Bible Quiz I memorize verses that may stick with me for the rest of my life. The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, quick, and powerful, a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

“Bible Quiz is really neat because once you memorize the Word, it’s stuck in your head and you can’t get it out. It’s cool when your pastor does a sermon on Acts or John and to be able to say, “Hey, I know this, I learned it in Bible Quiz!”

“The Bible Quiz trips are a lot of fun. You can spend time with your friends while learning the Bible and competing. It may seem like a lot at first, but you don’t realize it because you go a little at a time.”

“I enjoy Bible Quiz because I get to memorize Scripture and then test my knowledge against other Christian kids. It’s fun getting to know different people, and being able to compete with them.”

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