Q. What is the purpose of Bible Quizzing?
A. Dr. Rick Horne, the founder of MACSA Bible Quizzing, made the following statement soon after its beginning: “Bible Quizzing is not an end in itself, but merely a means to an end”. He went on to explain that that end – that goal – is to motivate students to memorize scripture. A child who quizzes from grades 6 – 12 will have memorized or thoroughly studied approximately 60 chapters of the Bible! We believe this equips students for future fruitful ministry for the Lord.

Q. What do the Bible quizzers memorize?
Each year MACSA coaches selects a passage from the Bible of about three hundred verses to be used the following year. (i.e. Acts 1-8, John 1-6, or Hebrews to name a few). The King James Version is used.

Q. Where do I begin?
Begin with prayer. If you are an administrator, ask God to give you as a couch someone with a vision for seeing kids build scripture into their lives. If you are a coach, as God to give you the students for form a team.

Q. Who may coach a team?
Anyone with a love for kids and a love for God’s Word. Schools use staff, parents, and even a brother or sister of a quizzer to coach the team.

Q. Who is eligible to become a MACSA Bible quizzer?
Students in grades six through twelve. A JR HI team may have 4 starting players and one or two substitutes; a SR HI team may have three starting players and one or two substitutes. Each team may have one coach.

Q. What students should I look for in forming a team?
Anyone willing to invest time and effort in memorizing scripture. Bible Quizzing offers opportunity for kids not naturally gifted in sports to excel! There have been numerous testimonies of students who struggles academically who improved their grades when they began to memorize God’s Word.

Q. How can I best prepare my team for quizzing?
Motivate them to memorize. There are various types of questions which can come from a single verse. A quizzer who has memorized is prepared to answer every possible question asked from that verse. As mentioned above,
memorization of scripture is the goal of quizzing.

Q. What competitions does MACSA plan?
MACSA organizes four one-day quiz-a-thons and a two-day retreat each quiz season. The competitions are scheduled from the end of January through mid-March – perfectly timed to help students over the winter slump of

Q. I have never seen a Bible Quiz. Any help?
There are several coaches from schools involved in quizzing who are willing to bring a team of quizzers to do a demonstration quiz. Contact us if you would like for this to be arranged for your school.

Q. I know nothing about making questions. Any help?
A sample quiz is available. The final section of the rules gives additional information. Contact us for these materials.

Q. How is a quiz set up?
Every JR HI quiz is 20 questions and every SR HI quiz is 15 questions made up from the designated Bible passage. The questions are worded just like the Bible verses. For instance, a question from John 3:16 might be, “For God so loved the world, he gave what?” (answer; “his only begotten Son”). The starting quizzers from each of the three competing teams sit in a row facing the quizmaster, who will ask the questions. The quizmaster begins reading the question: “Question number one. Question: “For God so loved-“. As soon as the quizmaster begins the question, a quizzer may jump to his feet, indicating that he would like to answer the question. The instant a quizzer has jumped, the quizmaster stops reading the question. On most questions, many of the quizzers jump at nearly the same time; which quizzer jumped first is determined electronically. After a quizzer has “gotten the jump,” he has thirty seconds to answer the question. This is usually done by quoting the phrase from the Bible that the quizmaster began.

Q. What is the difference between JR HI and SR HI quizzing?
Let’s first consider how they are alike. The questions are the same for each division. SR HI quizmasters use the very same questions as JR HI quizmasters. Scoring is basically the same – 20 points for a correct answer, 10 points for a free question.
Some differences include:

  • SR HI has 3 members on a team, JR HI has 4. (One or two subs per team for both divisions.)
  • Seating arrangement is different. See Rules.
  • SR HI quiz has 15 questions; a JR HI quiz has 20 questions.
  • While most SR HI quizzes are won by the highest score, a quiz can also be won “by position”.
  • SR HI involves more strategy. A couch who enjoys strategy will thrive in this division.
    Note: Quizzers who quiz in JR HI have no difficulty making the transition to SR HI. In fact, they generally look
    forward to the new challenges offered in SR HI.

Q. What are the Quiz divisions and in which do I register?
A team registers for the first quiz-a-thon in one of three divisions:
JR HI II – grades 6 – 7 (one 8th grade quizzer may be on a team if it is the only JR HI team)
JR HI I – grades 8 – 9
SR HI – grades 9 – 12
For all divisions a student may quiz in a division higher than his grade but not lower. A team will quiz in that division for all quiz-a-thons. The results of these quiz-a-thons are compiled and new divisions are formed for the quiz retreat. For example, if JR HI has 46 teams, the top 11 teams become division AA, the next 11 division A, then next 12 division B and the lower 12 teams become division C. SR HI divisions are formed the same way. Forming new divisions for the retreat allows teams to quiz with those on their own level.

Q. What is a quiz-a-thon?
A quiz-a-thon is a one day event. JR HI teams quiz 4 times; SR HI teams quiz 5 times. A short round of playoffs follows with awards given to the top 3 teams of each division. All quiz-a-thons begin promptly at 9:00 A.M. and go until about 4:00 P.M. Lunch is available for purchase. In order to attend the quiz retreat, a team must participate in at least 2 of the 3 quiz-a-thons.

Q. What is the Quiz Retreat?
The Quiz Retreat is the highlight – the climax – The Grand Finale of the Quiz Season? Over 600 people (half of whom are parents and spectators) attend this event. Quizzers come excited about quizzing with a relaxed
schedule, close matches with teams on their level (see Quiz Divisions above), fellowship with other coaches and quizzers, and to just enjoy the comfortable facilities and atmosphere of the Black Rock Retreat Center. Teams arrive at the retreat on Wednesday afternoon and evening. On Thursday they quiz from 8:00 to 4:00. Playoffs begin on Friday morning with quizzes being over at noon. A program of events is scheduled for
Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Q. What is an All-Star Quizzer?
In quizzing, we try to emphasize not only excellence in quizzing, but the development of Godly character as well. At the retreat, coaches use a ballot to select the 5-7 quizzers in their division whom they feel have demonstrated Christlike character and attitudes. These quizzers are awarded with an All-Star certificate during our Friday
awards ceremony.

Q. What costs are involved?
All quiz-a-thons have a registration fee of $30.00 for one team and $25 for each additional team. The quiz retreat cost is approximately $117 per person. This includes our package of 2 nights/5 meals.

Q. What do I tell parents who would like to come and watch their child quiz?
Parents are welcome at all events. At 1 day quiz-z-thons meals are available for purchase. For the retreat, we are unable to provide meals or lodging for visitors, but there are restaurants and motels within 10 minutes of Black Rock Retreat Center.

Q. Is Bible quizzing worth my students’ time?
A dedicated Bible quizzer who quizzes from grades six through 12 will memorize the equivalent of one fourth of the new testament! Of all academic activities in which a student can be involved, surely few have as great an eternal impact as MACSA Bible Quizzing. “For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

Q. Who do I contact for further assistance?
Nathan King – Quiz Director
You can reach Mr. King at (717) 413-6373 or macsabiblequizzing@gmail.com