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David Graybill
David GraybillCoach

“I have coached Bible quizzing and a variety of sports for 20 years in both an urban and a rural school. MACSA Bible Quizzing is by far the place where I have experienced the most demanding and intense competition, yet simultaneously the highest level of sportsmanship and friendship between members of opposing teams. MACSA Bible Quizzing is a model to me of what Christian competition ought to be – Excellence with Integrity.”

Christina Patches
Christina Patches2019 Senior Quizzer

MACSA Bible Quizzing presents an amazing opportunity for students of all ages. The discipline of quizzing trains students to memorize God's Word and then maintain it in their memory. As a quizzer for several years, I have experienced the blessing of having God's Word ingrained in my mind and heart. Although I may not be able to remember every single verse years from now, I think the passages I memorized will still be comfortingly familiar and the lessons God taught me will still be sweet."

Rendell Weaver
Rendell Weaver6 Year Quizzer + 3 Year Coach

"Looking back to high school, Bible Quizzing is one of the most impactful character-building activities I had the opportunity to be a part of. Practically, Bible Quizzing forced me to develop time management skills, learn persistence, and understand the importance of preparation. On a spiritual level, my experience with Bible Quizzing has hidden Truth in my heart that has proven to be invaluable in all areas of my life.”

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